Organic Body Treatment Products

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Organic Body Treatment Products for
Massage Therapists

Steamy Wonder Organic Products created and sold by Trillium Herbal Company, Inc


Originally formulated for the Steamy Wonder system. Inspired by Ayurveda and created for deep relations and healing.

All products can be used with your own Steamy Wonder system, in your own steam room, steam shower or however you choose to steam and spa at home.

Purification & Maximum Detox:

Purification & Maximum Detox  

Sore Joint & Muscle Relief:

Sore Joint & Muscle Relief  

Weightloss & Cellulite Reduction:


Trillium Herbal Company, Inc is the creator of the Steamy Wonder™ Organic Body Treatment Products.

Phone 1-920-839-9279 for questions, or to order these Trillium products.

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