This section provides valuable information for both current Steamy Wonder™ owners and prospective ones. You’ll find answers to our most frequently-asked questions, brochures and articles to help you market the Steamy Wonder Spa™ the complete Steamy Wonder Spa™ Users Manual, our warranty and return policies and more information on how to request an international or domestic shipping quote on any of our equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical steam session last?

In general, the recommended steam bath is between 15-20 minutes. Longer sessions, up to 30 minutes, may be appropriate to those on a weight loss program. The specific protocols for all of the treatments are contained in The Steamy Wonder Spa™ Treatment Manual.

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Is the Steamy Wonder Spa™ portable?

Yes, the Steamy Wonder Spa™ is fully portable and ideal for anyone who wants the option of taking their services directly to a client's home, office or hotel. The entire system fits neatly into our custom-made carrying case with ample room for additional items such as towels, oils, body products, etc.

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What colors do the canopies come in? Are there any advantages of the colored canopies over the white?

Our stock canopy colors are Forest Green, Natural Bronze and Classic White. Other colors can be custom ordered for an additional charge. The colored canopies offer a practical advantage over white: they are easier to maintain. This is especially relevant for those therapists offering treatments using muds, seaweed and herbalized oils.

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How much electricity does the steam generator use?

The steam generator requires 1500 watts. A regular circuit breaker can accommodate this load, which is similar to a household appliance. The cost of operating the Steamy Wonder Spa™ is extremely modest—far less than a traditional sauna or steam cabinet.

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What types of treatments can I give?

For a sample of the types of treatments other professionals offer, see our sample Spa Menus and Featured Treatments.

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Can I combine aromatherapy with a steam session?

Yes! The simplest and most cost effective way to add aromatherapy to your steam session is by placing our dried herbal blends right in the steam generator. The herbs are contained in a stainless steel ball making clean-up easy and taking the guess-work out of how much to use. Some of our clients also add essential oils to the water and/or to the products they put directly on the client. We recommend using herbs over essential oils in the steam generator as they do not leave a residue on the inside of the canopy. Dried herbs are also longer lasting; they do not lose their aroma when boiled like many essential oils.

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Can I eliminate ‘body wraps’ by using the Steamy Wonder Spa™?

Yes! The purpose of putting plastic or fabric wrapping on the body is threefold: 1) to increase core body temperature, 2) to open the pores, and 3) to keep the products warm and moist for better absorption. The Steamy Wonder Spa™ accomplishes all three of these things without the wraps. This saves you time and money. Your clients will appreciate the difference; instead of being bound up like a mummy in tight, uncomfortable wraps, they can lie peacefully under the steam tent, free to move around.

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How does a Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatment help people lose weight?

A Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatment raises the body’s core temperature—similar to an aerobic workout. This temperature increase boosts the metabolism and results in additional calories burned. Regular steam treatments (two or three times weekly) provide a more long-lasting metabolism increase. This is how people lose weight from sauna or steam bathing. The Steamy Wonder Spa™ Treatment Manual contains instructions for a weight loss program that you can offer to your clients or do for yourself!

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Are there any contraindications?

Anyone with a serious health condition should first consult their physician or health care practitioner before steaming. In general, heat treatments are not recommended for pregnant women, persons with heart conditions and people with blood pressure problems.

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How hot does the canopy get?

The Steamy Wonder Spa™ is designed to operate in the ‘ideal temperature range’ for steam sessions: between110-125 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Can I control the temperature?

Yes. For example, if a client was ‘too hot’, you could immediately drop the temperature by taking any one of the following actions: remove the thermal blanket, unzip the back of the canopy for a few seconds and/or add cool water to the steam generator. Some clients also prefer to have a towel over their feet and heart area. For a hotter session, you may turn off the circulating fan and turn up the thermostat on the steam generator to produce more rapid steam. Please note: for maximum client comfort we recommend that using our Steamy Wonder Spa™ Neck Wrap which is available in our Online Store. A major artery runs through the neck; by keeping the neck cool you cool the entire body.

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How long does it take to set up?

It takes just a few minutes to assemble the canopy, fill the generator with a few cups of water, insert the thermometer, and plug the unit in. With minimal practice, set-up can be accomplished in less then five minutes. Even less time is needed if you keep the canopy assembled and suspend if from the ceiling or stand it in the corner of your treatment room.

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What is the canopy made of?

The fabric is made of a high quality, waterproof nylon that is machine washable.

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How do I clean the canopy?

Complete cleaning instructions are found in the User’s Manual. In general, we recommend spraying the inside of the canopy with a natural cleaner/disinfectant in-between treatments and then wiping it down. The canopy may also be placed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in cool water (after removing the poles and battons) and allowed to air dry.

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Do I need extra ventilation for the moisture or special flooring?

No, only a few cups of water are used in a complete twenty minute treatment. While tile floors are useful if you plan to offer body treatments that use mud or seaweed, they are not essential. Most of our clients’ treatment rooms have carpeted floors. We do recommend that you place an inexpensive rubber mat underneath the steam generator as some steam will condense on the inside of the canopy tunnel.

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Will the moisture damage my massage table?

Very little water is used in a Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatment. Each time you use the Steamy Wonder Spa™, you will place a special Steamy Wonder Spa™ fitted sheet on top of your table. For added protection, you may also use an inexpensive plastic or vinyl sheet underneath.

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How do I store the canopy between treatments?

Many therapists hang it from the ceiling on a pulley directly above the treatment table, or store it upright in the corner of the treatment room. You can also fold the canopy and store it in a closet or under your massage table. Our Users Manual contains complete instructions for suspending your canopy from the ceiling.

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Where can I get additional help?

Every Steamy Wonder Spa™ comes with a complete instruction manual filled with tips on every aspect of the equipment. It will provide you with all the information you need to begin to use your Steamy Wonder Spa™ for profitable day spa services. You can also call our staff, toll-free with questions about treatments, services, products, menu planning and marketing your Steamy Wonder Spa™ services.

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