“I have been using the Steamy Wonder Spa™ for 10 years as a detoxification unit with cancer patients. It is a way to detox patients once they have completed their chemo treatments. As a Nurse Massage Therapist I have been able to work with some great physicians that believe in alternative healing. I also have done seaweed and mud treatment with the unit”.
Gilbert C. Rivera

Licensed Nurse Massage Therapist & Instructor for over 15 years, Group Health Claims Adjustor & Trainer for almost 10 years. Helped develop Hospital-Based Massage Program for Lovelace Health Systems, and certifies massage therapists.

Health Care Professionals

“I work with many individual going through drug and alcohol recovery. The Steamy Wonder Spa™ provides them with an affordable means to continue detoxing their bodies. It gives them a chance to feel self-improvement. All of my clients love the Steamy Wonder Spa™. No one doesn't like it.“
Carrie Ann Wiedeman, The Center, a 12 step recovery center in Matairie, Louisiana

"I offer Steamy Wonder™ treatments to my patients who are undergoing chemotherapy-they report recovering from the chemotherapy much quicker. The steam seems to rid the body of the excess toxins in the chemotherapy and helps them get back on their feet quicker."
Registered Nurse in New Mexico

"I am a RN and Health care Professional. I have a clinic and work in a Medical Spa. We have recently purchased a Steamy Wonder and started using it to help Detox woman with their lymphatic system. It has been an over whelming success. Most woman come in with many different problems and after the Three day Purification and Detox Treatment, not only do they feel better from what they came in for, but they notice many other benefits from the Steamy Wonder Spa. It has been so helpful and popular that we had to order two more Steamy Wonder Spas to keep up with the demand of the Therapist and Doctors were offering. We now have a Protocol that any woman that comes to the clinic for any reason the first began by receiving the Three day detox Treatment first. We also work with patients who have just completed chemotherapy. We offer a 15 Detox after the Chemo. And the results have been incredible. People recover faster and have less problems after the chemo. It has been one of the best addition to our Medical Spa since I have been here for four years now."
Karen RN, Grand Rapids, MI


“I was really stressed out, so my boyfriend gave me just the steam. I came out of there rejuvenated, it was a miracle. I couldn’t believe it, everything went away, it was unreal, all my tension was gone. I couldn’t think of anything else except I was relaxed and what I had to do. I felt a sense of peace. I know this will sell.”
C. Kendall, Kendallo’s Barberie, Streetsboro, Ohio

“I have fibromyalgia and I no longer take any pain medication and I am not sore after a massage. Instead, I just get under the Steamy Wonder™. I love it; it’s been a life-saver.”

“I feel so profoundly relaxed after a Steamy Wonder™ treatment. The tension just melts away. My whole body feels younger, lighter. I haven’t found anything that compares.”

“I just love the Steamy Wonder Spa. I have had chronic pain and arthritis for years and was on pain medication for 15 years. After getting my first Steamy Wonder Treatment, I noticed I slept better that night only waking up once. Than I did the Sore Joint and Pain Reduction Treatment and it was incredible! The Treatment was twice a week for four weeks 8 session. I now can walk more and further than I have walked in years, and I am cutting back my pain medications in half. I am going to do another month of twice a week and hope I can get off the medications completely. I would recommend anyone that has long term chronic pain or arthritis to try this amazing treatment. I have tried so many different things, and at last I found something that really works and is so natural. Thanks Steamy Wonder.”
Ron Phila, Pa.

Spa Owners

I have wellness center and have been in the skin industry for 25 years. I am also a health coach. I have a microscope for examining the skin that is 10,000 times magnified.

I would have never known or believed how wonderful your products and the steamy wonder could be unless I had tried it for myself and clients.

It is simply the BEST detox system I have EVER used. I have been very impressed at how perfectly the system and products have detoxed me and my clients. In 25 years I have never found such fantastic organic oils and herbs, not only put on the skin but also to steam myself and clients in the steamy wonder.

I had a client with itching and rashes all over her scalp. Gone with one month by doing steamy wonder detox and muscle relief pain /sore joint steamy wonder and I had her put the sore joint and muscle relief/pain directly on scalp. It's gone in 3 weeks !!!!! After her suffering for 3 years. Astonishing!

I have another client that had rashes and itching all over her legs. In 3 weeks it is 80% gone and is shrinking each week.

I am so impressed with your products and steamy wonder and the incredible ingredients that I will never be without your products for the rest of my life.

Just looking at ingredients is amazing!

sesame oil, dashamula,shatavari, camphor oil, manjista, arjuna, ashwaganda, bala, punarnava, fennel, musta, neem, valerian, tumeric, vidanga, anantamul, bhumyamalaki, brahmi, calamus, cardamom, clove, ginger, guduchi, licorice, mineral salt, tulsi.

No wonder this oil is the best in my life I have ever put my hands on. My instructor massages therapist says it's the best he ever used. This is also why the oil is a rich reddish orange color. I have found that these ingredients have been amazing for parasite in the skin (reddish and brown itchy rashes on skin)

The wonderful sore joint and muscle relief elixir has ended the pain for my massage therapist thumb joints. Ingredients are fantastic combinations! Ginger, juniper, cayenne, St. Johnswort, anise, cayenne, arnica, dogwood, cypress and wintergreen.

These wonderful ingredients muscle test wonderful too.

Thanks for having this line. It is a god send.
Sincerely Debra Van Schaardenburg
Naples Skin Care

Our spa is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. We have a beautiful Vichy shower room where we have been using the Steamy Wonder™. Our clients love it. Nothing is better then a massage after having a body treatment with the Steamy Wonder Spa™ Tent. Highly recommended. Erika Szuprics, Owner of Sugar House Day Spa and Salon. Alexandria, VA

WOW! I have to say that I am so happy I found the Steamy Wonder Spa™ on my google search for new treatments to offer at our clinic. Clients just LOVE the treatments and they are coming back for more. The Steamy Wonder Spa™ really complements our clinic and is the perfect treatment for everyone. I have been talking to a friend of mine in Toronto about the Steamy Wonder Spa™, she operates her small wellness business and I will send her you're way, she seems interested in bringing in the treatment at her location.
Michel Brisson, McLeod Massage Therapy Clinic, (RelaxStation) Suite 403, 225 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, 613.680.5850

I'm so glad I was introduced to Steamy Wonder™. I love it and the products you can add. It's been a great addition to my business. Thanks!
Shawna, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Alternative Wellness & Day Spa

A quick note about how much our clients enjoy the Steamy Wonder Spa™ and your great products. We offer and aromatherapy steam treatment using the Steamy Wonder Spa™ as an add-on to massage, integrated into all of our body treatments, and on its own. It is our #1 selling add-on, it adds to our botom line we love it!
Megan Henry, Spa Manager,

"I have been using the Steamy Wonder Spa™ on my clients for cellulite reduction for over ten years. The steam therapy is an essential tool in increasing circulation in stagnant tissue and eliminating the toxins that are loosened manually. Essential oils, which boost circulation and decongestion, are used both for the massage and steamed over the client. We offer a series of treatments to help clients achieve maximum results.
F. Berg, Owner of The Beauty Resort & Natural Health Spa Education, Eagle River, Wisconsin

"I found it be a very powerful healing tool. One client's neck and shoulders were so tight and sore that it was like touching a board when I started working on him. He had been to a chiropractor and they had given up on him-they couldn't get his muscles to relax. After 20 minutes in the Steamy Wonder Spa™, he walked out smiling and said his neck and back felt a lot better. He came back a week later and he still felt good and wanted another session to ensure that he wouldn't tighten up again."
H. Hoenig, Day Spa Owner, Fort Madison, Iowa

"We just bless you guys every time we use the Steamy Wonder Spa™ and so do our clients. It has increased our business so much. Doctors are sending their patients here instead of prescribing antibiotics. One doctor sent his wife and child, both of whom had mononeucleosis. Within 24 hours of one Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatment, their white count went from 19 to 10."
N. Norville, Relax & Heal, Hiawassee, Georgia

"We treat many people with fibromyalgia. With the steam treatment after a massage, clients recover instantly. No soreness after the massage. The treatments are absolutely phenomenal. We are seeing great results. Even the doctors are recommending Steamy Wonder Spa™ to their patients"
Medical Spa Owner, California

"We just bless you guys every time we use Steamy Wonder Spa™ and so do our clients. It has increased our business so much. Doctors are sending their patients here instead of prescribing antibiotics. One doctor sent his wife and child, both of whom had mononeucleosis. Within 24 hours of their Steamy Wonder™ treatment, their white count went from 19-10."
Massage Therapist & Reflexologist, Georgia

Massage Therapists

I have heard nothing but wonderful comments regarding the use of this the Steamy Wonder™. I also wanted to mention the well thought out design of the "Steamy Wonder™" . The quality is beyond compare. What a marvelous add on to any massage. I am very impressed with the ease of use right down to the slightest detail.

I would be proud to suggest this to anyone wanting to enhance the treatments they are already working with.
Theresa Martineau

How can I choose just one thing I love the most about Steamy Wonder™, It has become one of the most important tools in my practice. Clients with chronic pain issues love the Steamy Wonder™; it helps reduce pain associated with arthritis, and fibromyaglia as well As many other health issues. This is my second Steamy Wonder™ I have one in both of my places of practice. This has opened the door for more opportunities for me to offer and assist my clients in encouraging wellness.
Arlene White , LMT

"My client was in a severe auto accident. The client suffered severe nerve damage, headaches and rotary cuff damage that left her with limited use of her left arm, as well as continual pain. The only relief she experiences is with my treatment of steam, massage and aromatherapy three times per week. She leaves my office glowing—almost euphoric—with no discomfort. I know that the steam has played a major role."
N. Bolsom, LMT, Palisades Park, California

"One man could hardly breathe. He did a 15 minute Steamy Wonder™ treatment. The next day, he said 'I can breathe, I'm not sick, it's wonderful!' "
K. Remley, LMT, Orange Park, Florida

“I have been using the Steamy Wonder Spa™ for 10 years as a detoxification unit with cancer patients. It is a way to detox patients once they have completed their chemo treatments. As a Nurse Massage Therapist I have been able to work with some great physicians that believe in alternative healing. I also have done seaweed and mud treatment with the unit”.
Gilbert C. Rivera LMT

"I have the Steamy Wonder Spa System for 6 months now and I love it and my Clients love it even more. All my Clients now do the Steamy Wonder with ever massage they get. They all float out of my office and make appointments to come back next week. A year ago I thought I mighty have to get another job because my practice had really slowed down. That is when I decided to get a Steamy Wonder Spa and see if it really would make a difference like the sales person said it did for her practice. She was right! Now I see more people a week then I did even at my best times. It really saved my business, while giving better treatments then ever. I would strongly recommend anyone getting one if they were really serious in helping people and making more money."
Marlene Uhr, Massage therapist in Worcester Mass.


“My clients just glow after a Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatment. I can’t believe how much younger and more relaxed they look after just a single steam session. Their skin is silky smooth and much more youthful looking.”
B. Carol, LMT, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Esthetician, Fairfield, Iowa

"I am an esthetician from Florida, and have been doing body work and facials for 10 years. After getting the Steamy wonder Spa System last year, I was able to give a facial massage the same time as giving a steam sauna. My clients lay comfortably on the table and fall asleep now. They now get two treatments the same time. They Detox their lymph system and get a facial at the same time. My clients, I can truly say come back more often and send more family members than ever before. The Steamy Wonder is the best treatment I ever added to my practice, my clients love it."
Mary Right, Coral Gables, Florida

Ayurveda Practitioners

“The Steamy Wonder Spa™ exceeds therapeutic effectiveness promised by the ancient science of Ayurveda with technological advancements that have taken ancient principles of "steam" to a new level of comfort and benefit. It is the only steam system I will use.”

Swedana is an individually herbalized steam bath, during which the head and the heart are kept cool while the body is heated to remove mental, emotional and physical toxins lodged deeply within the tissues. The cool head and heart provide a sense of calm and openness while the therapeutic steam over the entire body can penetrate and cleanse deeply, without the body becoming overheated and stressed.
John Douillard, D.C., Ph.D., author of The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage and Director of LifeSpa - an Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Retreat Center in Boulder Colorado. www.LifeSpa.com

"Clients come for stress reduction treatments weekly and the side benefit is that their clothing size is reducing as well as their stress level. They haven't changed anything in their routine for weight loss beside regular Steamy Wonder Spa™ treatments."
B. Carol, Lic. Esthetician, LMT & Ayurvedic Practitioner, Fairfield, Iowa

"I am a Ayurvedic Physician and have been using Steamy Wonder for my Swedana treatments for years. I find it produces a sweet in just minutes and detoxed the body very well. I also bought all my Shirodhara equipment from them and they have the most beautiful and functional Shiro wood table with hand spun copper bowel, that gives the most perfect treatment every time.. We also use the Raj Steamy Wonder Pump and it is the quietest and best pump I ever used. We have 3 of these systems in our clinic. In California anyone wanting to give the best treatments, the Steamy Wonder Spa and Shiro equipment are best I ever used."
Dr. of Ayurveda, medicine



I work with lots of athletes.  My book “body friendly golf” is about helping golfers play a better game by just taking care of their bodies. I tried the Steamy Wonder™ treatment and liked very much.  It was very relaxing and detoxing for my whole body. It was also surprisingly easy to use in a clinical setting. I am just opening up a new clinic and planning putting a Steamy Wonder™ in my office as I feel it will help my patients get more out of their treatments. 

DR. J. DARCY DILL is a Chiropractor and member of the American Chiropractic Association, an Acupuncturist and Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Master Golf Fitness Instructor, Professional Speaker. He has taught Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists how to treat golfers in their clinics. Combining two decades of experience in the field of Preventive Medicine and Sports Injury with a lifelong love of golf, he authored the newly released book and DVD set, Body Friendly Golf: Creating the Ultimate Golfing Machine.

I have been in practice for over 10 years and I have recently added a message therapist in my office. It has been easier and my patients are more relaxed before their adjustments after the massage. Than 6 mos. ago she purchased a Steamy Wonder Spa and added giving Steamy Wonder sessions to her practice, the results where incredible from the start. After a Steamy Wonder Sauna, the muscles get so soft and relaxed, that now when I give an adjustment is even more effortless and easier to move the vertebra. I also noticed that by having the body heated and softened before the adjustment, that the client all report the adjust hold longer and deeper more chronic pain seem to go away with less effort and time. Now I suggest all my clients receive a Steamy Wonder SpaSauna before their adjustments.
Dr. Rich Sins, San Mateo CA.


“I love the Steamy Wonder™! All of the students at Essential Health love the Steamy Wonder™. It is a great tool that compliments all Spa & Therapeutic aspects of the massage industry. With the spiritual connection to the water and earth contribute to a pure wellness that is felt with in the whole being.”
Kimberly CA

“We are a Ayurveda school in the Bay area and we have two Steamy Wonder Spas. It is really great having a potable steam sauna that goes directly on the massage tale not having the client get off the table to sweat and detox. Detoxing is a big part in out treatments and Steamy Wonder does a great job with little work. We are now selling them to our students when they graduate.”
Ayurveda physician and teacher, P.H.D

“We own a school in San Antonio, TX. and we have 5 Steamy Wonder Spas now. They are the best thing we ever used for steaming, detoxing and healing the body of pain. I recommend Steamy Wonder to all our students and anyone who wants to separate themselves from all the other massage therapist. Your massage table turns into a Day-Spa and you can offer may more healing treatments.”
Owner and teacher and Spa consultant