Steam & Cellulite Reduction

"I have been using the Steamy Wonder Spa™ on my clients for cellulite reduction for over ten years. The steam therapy is an essential tool in increasing circulation in stagnant tissue and eliminating the toxins that are loosened manually. Essential oils, which boost circulation and decongestion, are used both for the massage and steamed over the client. We offer a series of treatments to help clients achieve maximum results."
F. Berg, Owner of The Beauty Resort & Natural Health Spa Education, Eagle River, Wisconsin

The skin is our body’s largest organ and is essential in eliminating impurities. As we sweat in the Steamy Wonder Spa™ the skin pores begin to open and built-up sebum and impurities move out. Dead skin cells are softened and exfoliated as new softer skin can emerge.

Effective cellulite reduction can be achieved by increasing circulation, stimulating metabolism, detoxifying and eliminating excess fluids. The Steamy Wonder Spa™ used in conjunction with detoxifying mud and essential oils and/or manual manipulation of the tissues accelerate effective cellulite reduction.